These 3 Things Are Keeping You From Being Productive. ( Hint: It's not what you think )

Over my years of teaching productivity and sustainable work habits I've found similar struggles rising up with people. Patterns of behavior that continuously get in their way of being as productive as they want to be. Today I'm sharing with you the 3 major things you need to look out for if you want to be more productive and they're not what you think.

1. Give yourself less time. 

A task will take the time given to it. That means, if you give yourself 3 hours to write a blog post, you will get that blog post written in 3 hours. If you give yourself 30 minutes to write a blog post, you will get that blog post written in 30 minutes. You will take as much time as you're given to finish a given task. That's why I RARELY recommend a 5 day work week and an 8-hour work day to entrepreneurs. 

In fact, I think you're more likely to get MORE done if you have a 4-hour workday and a 4 day work week. Put the pressure on yourself to knock out your tasks in a smaller window and you will find yourself suddenly focused and engaged in a way that you just aren't when you feel like you have all the time in the world.

2. Stop trying to do things in the 'right' way. 

There are a lot of people teaching the 'right' way to structure your day and work week. The problem is that we are all different. We all have different hang ups and ways of being that prevent us from showing up as our best selves. You can't expect yourself to have the same productivity habits as someone with a completely different personality than you. 

A common example of this is the recommendation to wake up and get to work at 5am. For some, that is pure magic. For others, that's a recipe for shame and doubt and insecurity. You try to wake up at 5 and you fail. You try to work during your sleepiest hours and you fail. You try to stay focused when all you want is to go back to sleep and you fail. 

Giving all of your mental energy away to shame and self-doubt is definitely not going to help you get your work into the world. 

That's not fair to yourself or to your work. 

Figure out what works for YOU. What works for a single mom won't work for a traveling entrepreneur. Accept your personality and your circumstances and work along WITH them! 

3. Cut your to-do list in half.

Yep! You need to be expecting SO MUCH less from yourself than you are currently expecting. I know you, I know that you are staring down the barrel of a to-do list so long that you feel like you will never get to sleep. Take that to-do list out of your life and write out 3 things that HAVE to get done today. Just do those things and see how much better you feel. How much more energy do you now have to tackle a few of the things that didn't make the cut today? 

Lower your expectations and ride that momentum wave all the way to a highly productive work week! 



3 Business Tools That Changed My Life!

There are so many industry secrets out there. Things that make running an online business easy and manageable and we only find them when we happen to hear someone else talk about them. It can be frustrating to try and google all of the answers and find exactly what you need. We often invest in things that don't serve us only to find out that there is something much much better that we'd been overlooking all along. 

So, I want to go ahead and give you a heads up. Here are the three Business Tools that truly have changed my life and my business for the better! 

1. Dubsado

Dubsado is a client management system that houses all of my information for 1:1 coaching clients and incubators. This allows me to send questionnaires, contracts, canned emails, and invoices easily and sometimes automatically. It also allows me to see when clients have read emails and how far along we are in their invoicing process. I also use this system to upload and house their meeting notes. 

You can get 20% off of your first month with Dubsado by using the code: SARAJANE

2. Acuity Scheduling

I use acuity to schedule all of my meetings. It's amazing for coaches and photographers or other professions that require a lot of 1:1 time. You can block off your schedule on certain days and times and the calendar will only let your clients book during the times that you want to be available. This eliminates the annoying back and forth for finding a good time for both of you. It also allows you to be more in control of your schedule so that you can stop accidentally overbooking yourself!

3. Kajabi

Oh my gosh, Kajabi is what I've been missing my entire life. I had no idea what I was looking for until I found it. Kajabi is perfect for passive income! You can create your courses and your membership site right in Kajabi. Also, you can use Kajabi for your newsletter and your sales funnel! I was in need of an upgrade from my newsletter service and my course hosting. Kajabi made both of those so simple and really unleveled what I was able to do. Beyond that - it can even serve as your website!! It has everything and I'm in love. 


3 Mistakes I made in my first 5 Years of Business.

My first 5 years in business weren't easy. I would stay awake at night worried and over-burdened. I didn't know how to turn off my phone and everything felt like it could come crashing down at any moment. At that time I really truly believed that business was just hard. That I'd signed up for a life full of extra burdens and impossible expectations. I released any hope of a normal life and decided that I would find a way to make it work with the impossible weight of carrying a business on my shoulders. 

It took working for someone else to realize that wherever I go, there I am. My work habits followed me into whatever position I took and every business that I owned, so, the only thing left to do was see what I could be doing differently. 

Through that process I came to understand 3 major mistakes that I was making on a regular basis in my business. 

1. Over-promising! 

I wanted everyone to be happy whenever we were talking to one another. So, I'd find myself making promises without even thinking through what I'd agreed to do. That would lead me to being over booked, unable to deliver and in some cases made me seem straight up flakey. It took me years to realize how important it is to pause and assess before making agreements to do anything out of the ordinary scope of my work. 

2. Putting too much pressure on EVERYTHING. 

In the early years of my business, everything felt IMPORTANT. Like, life or death important. "I have to get this newsletter out or my business will fall apart!" may have been an actual sentence that came out of my mouth. Yes, business is different than an ordinary job because every decision does have a consequence and we want all of our decisions to lead to more profit. However, treating a late blog post like you've just pulled your own life support isn't helping anybody! 

3. Focusing on my 10 year goals.

In my first few years of business I dreamed and I dreamed BIG... for someone else. I had grand plans for who I would be in 10 years and not a lot of plans for who I was right then. I spent all of my time day dreaming about who I would be "one day" and not enough time figuring out who I needed to be in that moment to make "one day" a reality. The truth is that we change, our dreams change and what we want out of a successful life, it changes too. All that you can control is where you put your energy RIGHT NOW. I am no longer focused on "one day" now, I make sure that I'm enjoying every single day just as it is. "One day" for me, IS today.