Dreams are like parking spaces.

I always get good parking spaces.

I’m talking prime spots right near the entrance, right beside the place where you put the cart away, parallel spots directly in front of the storefront and yes, even the coveted pull-through spaces.
I used to say that I had a parking fairy, one that guaranteed my parking spaces were blessed.

Recently I pulled into the Target parking lot and I drove up the aisle past all of the empty spaces in the back, past a few straggling spots toward the end, to a spot that was in a decent location. But, I thought to myself, “I could do better.”

I kept driving forward and sure enough there was a spot right there at the front!

Then I thought about the risk I took. What if that spot hadn’t been there? It would have meant another loop being made to find a mediocre spot or potentially a few loops until a nice spot opened up.

I thought to myself, “What if this spot has been empty all day today? What if no one has driven quite up to the front and taken the risk to see if it was there and it’s just been here waiting for someone to drive a tiny bit further?”

I remember all of the times that I’ve driven around a parking lot or a city street until the right parking spot opened up for me and I giggle to myself. I don’t have a parking fairy at all.

I’m just persistent and I don’t mind the risk of losing a mediocre spot in hopes of a great one.

Then I thought about the way I approach my dreams.

It’s much the same.
Sure, I could park myself in of the wide-open secure dreams in the back. I can do that, but, that’s just not me.
I’d rather spend a few extra minutes, take a few risks and end up in the spot that feels exactly right for me at that time.