The fine art of getting things done.

There’s  a magic in time management, an art to making the most out of a given day.

I do my best to not get distracted, to put myself in the position to be as successful with each day as possible. There are certainly times when I end a workday feeling like I spent half of the time distracted and day dreaming about the next time I’d get to buy a plane ticket or maybe I spent a few extra minutes on Instagram and got really deep into someone’s history. So deep that the ‘like’ button is like a land mine waiting to reveal that I’ve reached a new level of curiosity on one particular person’s life.



We all have those days and I’m pretty sure that we all feel like there’s just not enough time to do it all. I think time is like a puzzle and while I haven’t completely solved it, I do have some trusted tips for getting the most out of your day. Today I’m sharing my top 3 tips with you today!

Shall we?

1. Look for the holes. 

If you take nothing else away from this blog post, please leave with this tip! All of us have time. It may be 15 minutes between work and a meeting, it could be 30 minutes before you start your day in the morning. But, the time is there. I think that a lot of us feel like we need a window of time, a few hours to get everything done at once. But, sometimes we just don’t have that. I want to challenge you to look for the holes. If you add together each 15 minute window I promise you that it will eventually turn into hours. You may not have time to ‘get in the zone’ but, you may not need it if you are tackling tiny pieces of your tasks at a time.

2. Break your tasks into lots of smaller tasks. 

The smaller the task we have to accomplish, the more we feel like we are getting done, and the more momentum we build. I’m REALLY into tricking my brain into making things feel easier. Don’t burden yourself with the larger task right away. Don’t get overwhelmed with the overall picture. Instead, break it down into small things and feel like a damn champ when you watch yourself marking things off your list at an alarming rate. Even more exciting is when you pair this tip with your 15 minute windows, you can really see the usefulness of that time!

If I have an article to write and there’s a decent amount of research required before I can start, then I may break “write the article” down into the following smaller tasks:
-pick 3 resources
-write an outline
-each section of the outline can be it’s own task
-read & edit

It will take me the same amount of time to do this if I try to do it all at once or if I break it down. But, I guarantee you that it will feel much much better if you make it feel like lots of small tasks.

3. Set a timer.

I LOVE this trick. Once I’ve broken my tasks down and I have a small window of time, then I like to set a timer for myself. It reminds me to stay focused. If I have a timer set for 10 minutes to accomplish a task and I can visibly watch my time running down then I am much less likely to get distracted. It’s like a race with myself to get that task done in the amount of time that I’ve been given. Why would I bother with getting lost on Facebook if my time is literally running out in front of my eyes?

I’d love to challenge you to try one of these today and let me know how it goes!

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