10 Things I do Each Week to Kick Ass at Business & Life.

I believe that doing our best at business and life is more of a flow than we are traditionally led to believe. It's about listening to your reality and making small adjustments when things aren't quite working for you. I do this daily, weekly and monthly. Last week I shared the top 10 things I do each month to stay on top of things and still feel good. This week I'm sharing with you what I do weekly. Again, don't even worry about taking notes or trying to keep up with it all. I have created a FREE downloadable checklist for you to use each week in your own life!


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1. Chart the week. 

Once a week I move my appointments from the monthly calendar in my planner to each day's schedule. From there I pocket out windows of time alone with my computer to just knock out work during my most productive hours of the day. 

2. Break up my to-do's. 

I pull 1-2 large tasks from my monthly to-do list and break them up throughout the week. I also try to schedule in the smaller steps if I know I won't be able to knock them  out all at once. For example: 
Big Task = Set up new e-course online

Monday: Gather curriculum & organize for website. 
Tuesday: Research sales pages & brainstorm marketing language. 
Wednesday: Set up portal on website to host the course. 
Thursday: Use course outline to assess what graphics/videos/writing are needed. 
Friday: Create sales page. 

3. Clean house. 

Every Sunday Oby & I clean our house. We've broken up the tasks so that everything is covered and we each know our jobs. We turn on music or put a podcast on in our headphones and we usually knock it out together in about an hour if we're staying on task. Here's what we do weekly: 

  • Clean kitchen (floors, counters, sink, dishes, walls, & baseboards) 
  • Clean out refrigerator & cabinets 
  • Clean floors & vacuum
  • Clean bathrooms (floors, sinks, tubs, toilets) 
  • Wash Ford's clothes & towels
  • Take care of the plants
  • Sweep front & back porch
  • Dust
  • Straighten up our rooms

4. Plan meals for the week. 

We sit down on Sunday and chart out our meals for the week. We have a plan for Monday-Friday dinners, we pick a few things that we can make for lunches throughout the week and the same for breakfast. It helps us to have a plan so that we know what to grab at the store and so that we don't get crazy and eat out for every meal. If we are feeling really fancy we will make a quiche or a frittata on Sunday that can easily be heated up for breakfast throughout the week. 

5. Make a grocery list. 

We clean out the fridge/pantry and plan our meals on Sunday so that makes it the most logical time for us to write our grocery list. We are familiar with what we have and don't have & we know what recipe ingredients we will need for the week. I prefer to shop once a week instead of making 4 small trips to the store when I need things. This helps me to spend less money and waste less time. 

6. Plan our wedding. 

This is obviously unique to us. But, we try to sit down once a week and plan our wedding. This keeps us from talking about it all the time or not talking about it at all. For you it may be something else that you are working toward that could use a pocket of devoted time in your week. 

7. I choose which days I will take off that week. 

In my best case scenario, I prefer to have one full day off where there is nothing expected of me, one day where we get all of our housekeeping in order, and then one flex day where I don't have meetings and I'm not expecting to work, but, I can work if I feel inspired and excited to do so. 

Sometimes this works out beautifully and I rejoice. Other weeks I have a lot more to do and I only get one real full day off. But, I strive for the best case scenario every week. 

8. Schedule in alone time. 

Alone time is SUPER important to me. I crave chunks of time where nothing is expected of me, where I don't have to speak and where I don't have to make decisions with anyone else. It's important to Oby as well, so we do our best each week to communicate and prioritize each of us having a window of time where we are free to just be by ourselves. 

9. Communicate my schedule with my partner. 

We keep a tight schedule at our house, so it's really helpful to communicate our plans. Will we take a date night this week? Who is taking Ford to school and picking him up on which days? Are there days that I will be working late? Which meals are you making and which do I need to make? etc. 

If you aren't sharing household responsibilities with someone, I would encourage you to still hold this dialogue with yourself. What is your schedule like? Is there anything you need to schedule in for yourself? What meals are you going to prepare at home? 

10. Ask myself what I would love to do. 

I can get very serious very fast. I will just get up, go to work, come home, cook dinner, read and go to sleep for days on end. I usually don't even notice it until I find myself not laughing for a few days or not able to be fully present for people in my life. I have to infuse fun into my week. Sometimes that means asking myself if there's any fun on the schedule and then making a point to create some if there is not. Scheduling in fun isn't the most romantic thing I've ever said, but, it's just about living with intention and I intend to have more fun! ;) 

Download your own weekly checklist here and try it out this week!

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