Gift Guide: For the Business Owner Who Needs More Free Time.

I have been enjoying all of the different gift guides going around this season and it got me to thinking that we could really use one for the entrepreneurs in our lives. But, then I went a bit further and decided to do 5 different lists for the five types of business owners! Today I'm sharing the gifts I recommend for the business owner in your life who could really use a bit of rest! Check back tomorrow when I share my gift guide for that friend who really wants to quit their job! 


1. The Desire Map

I promise you that I am not being dramatic when I say that this book changed my life. I read it at a time when I was overworked and tired and unsure of how to make the right changes. Danielle Laporte challenges you to move through the life and business leading with how you want to feel. It's perfect for that friend who doesn't quite know when to stop working or how. 

2. The Long Distance Good Morning Box

I'm obsessed with J.Isabel Designs. She makes the most gorgeous gift boxes for just about anything that you need. I love sending gift boxes but, I always fall short on packaging and I dread a trip to the post office. So, it's really nice that you can just choose the one you like and send it right from her website! The long distance good morning box is a great way to gift the business owner in your life with a little reminder to enjoy a slow morning! 

3. Business Bliss

This e-course is designed to walk you through creating a work life that feels good. It walks you through the reasons of why we overwork, how to be more productive, how to re-structure your schedule to work better with yourself and a few mindset shifts that can happen to make work a whole lot more enjoyable! It's perfect for the friend who has a business they love even though it leaves them exhausted and spending less time with their friends and family. 

4. Lush Bath Bomb

For someone running a business and trying to keep the rest of their life together, it can feel impossible to take a moment alone with their thoughts. The art of taking a long and luxurious bath can be exactly what they need to feel excited about their life again. Send them a small reminder to schedule in a long hot bath. ( I linked to the scent that looked the best to me, but, there's a giant library of scents to choose from! )

5. The World's Coziest Blanket

One time my fiance' brought me a gift bag home on a random day when I wasn't feeling well. It had a ton of things in there intended to make me smile and to make not feeling well a bit easier. One of those things was a big soft blanket that has become my go-to on those days when I just need to work from home on the couch. It brings instant comfort to me and makes those work from home days feel a whole lot more relaxing! I found this amazingly cozy blanket on Etsy for you to check out! 

6. Dubsado

Dubsado is the client management system that I use to keep all of my contracts, invoices, e-mails, questionnaires and more in order. You can create automated workflows and to-do lists to ensure that your loved one can spend less time going back and forth with e-mails and more time snuggling with you on the couch, going out to movies or grabbing that mid-day drink you keep inviting them to. 

Use the coupon code: 'sarajane' and receive 20% off of your first month! 

7. Virtual Assistant Services

For a lot of business owners, outsourcing may be the way to go. If your loved one isn't quite ready to hire an assistant then a virtual assistant may be the best option. Pre-purchase one or two services from Shaina like blog post creation, newsletter, album building, etc. for your loved one and open them up to the world of not having to do it all themselves! 

8. Social Media Management

Social media is often the thing that takes up the most time on our schedules. Give your loved one the gift of stepping away from the screen and upping their sales at the same time with professional social media management with Verb House Creative. Allie is a true pro who offers both full and partial management!

9. The Art of Self Massage w/ Kitty Cavalier

Why purchase them a single massage that will only last for an hour when you could gift them the ability to go into self-care mode whenever they need it? Kitty's Self Massage course will teach your favorite business owner how to unwind, how to care for themselves and how to manifest the love they have for you and turn it in toward themselves. 

10. Printed Permission to Rest.

I love this print saying, "Please stop telling me to hustle." The self-employed culture can truly glorify an unhealthy approach to work. Gift your loved one a daily reminder that intentional work and a sustainable life are much more valuable than neglecting their physical and mental health! 

I hope you enjoyed today's gift guide! I had a lot of fun putting it together! Check back tomorrow for the gifts to give that friend or loved one in your life that really wants to quit their job! 

all the love,