Gift Guide: For the Loved One That Really Wants to Quit Their Job.

I'm continuing this week's Gift Guide blog series talking about that friend of yours who really wants to quit their job. Below you will find 10 gifts chosen as a way to meet their unique needs! AND check back tomorrow when I'll be sharing my favorite gifts for the business owner in your life that's craving a bit of creative inspiration! 

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1. You Are a Badass. 

In the process of leaving my marketing job to pursue this crazy dream of being a coach, my beautiful boss gave me this book. That's incredible for several reasons, but, most of all because it was perfectly timed. This blunt and delightfully crass book spoke straight to my heart and poured confidence into each piece of the process. It's perfect if you want to give your friend a little guidance and a confidence boost without writing the world's longest greeting card. 

2. The Desire Map

Honestly, I'm not sure if this will show up on every gift guide I write or not. It may. This book will benefit that friend of yours who is taking steps to leave their job by gifting them with an amazing filter through which they can make decisions. I use it in some capacity with almost all of my clients because we all need some way of knowing if a decision is truly the decision we want to make or if it's just the decision we think we want to make. 

3. The Partnership Program

The partnership program is a quarterly program designed to provide you with the accountability, encouragement and direction needed to pursue large goals or operate a business as an individual. It includes monthly strategy sessions with me, 24/7 access to me for advice/feedback via e-mail or text, quarterly 3- hour long brainstorming & plotting sessions, regular professional resources sent to your inbox & regular presents sent by me! It's perfect for the loved one that knows what they want to do but, aren't quite sure how they are going to get there! 

4. Notebook Set from Rifle Paper Co. 

I'm obsessed with these notebooks. They hold my to-do lists, my brainstorming, my planning notes and even a few brain dumps here and there. They're on this list because having separate notebooks for your day job and your 'side-hustle' will offer your loved one a place to put their side-hustle thoughts as they come up during their day job and vice versa. I've found it incredibly helpful to clear my mind as I'm trying to work on projects. If I'm building a website and worries come up about another project that I can't work on at the moment, I just make a note in that project's notebook and move on. This will be incredibly useful for your friend or loved one as they start that process themselves. 

5. Tyler McCall's Coaching Program

Social media is the most prominent form of marketing for small businesses right now! In fact, for most small businesses to get off the ground they're going to need a brilliant Instagram, a functioning Facebook account & a thriving e-mail list. That's what Tyler does best. He won't teach your friend how to get 50,000 followers and reach internet fame. He WILL teach them how to build a large & engaged following that actually wants to buy what they're selling. I couldn't recommend him enough. 

6. Design Services.

One of the first things your friend is going to have to do to quit their job and strike out on their own will be building a website. Most people starting out try to build their brand alone. It's a frustrating and often fruitless experience. It can actually be the thing that keeps them from moving forward with their business. Set them up with a new logo or a branding consultation. Now, design services are often based on personal style, they'll need to choose someone whose look they LOVE. Find my top 4 recommendations below: 


7. Photography 101 with Chelsea Lane Photography

For the friend of yours who wants to start a photography business, but, isn't confident in their skills just yet. In her Photography 101 program Chelsea takes you from shooting automatic to shooting manual. She will talk lens options with you and I promise your friend will leave more confident and better prepared then they were before.  

8. Coffee Gift Card. 

Because they're going to need it. 

9. The Motivation Box from J.Isabel Designs. 

Is there a more beautiful way to let them know you believe in them than this motivation box from J.Isabel Designs? It includes desk accessories, tea, candy and a candle! Help them keep their magic going even when things get tough! 

10. Squarespace Subscription

If your friend or loved one hasn't created their website yet, get the ball rolling with a Squarespace subscription. Squarespace is my personal favorite platform for user maintained websites. It's easy to use, beautiful, e-commerce friendly and can be quickly updated when needed! 

Thanks for joining me today! I hope you found the perfect gift for that special someone that just really needs to quit their job! Visit me again tomorrow and we'll chat about what to get that friend of yours who needs a little creative inspiration! 

all of the love,