Gift Guide: For the Parentpreneur.

Ok, so I was going to write today's gift guide for the friend that needs some creative inspiration but, then I realized I'd be totally neglecting the parentpreneurs out there and well, I can't do that. So, today's gift guide is all about those gifts you can get your friend or loved one who is both growing a business and raising tiny humans! 


1. Your time. 

Seriously, the greatest gift you could offer a parentpreneur is the gift of time. Offer to watch their little one while they work for a few hours. It can be insane trying to manage everything and raise a tiny human. The guilt of not entertaining your kid while you try to make money to pay for that kid's college is so very real. Offer your loved one 1-2 hours of kid-free work time, especially during this season while school is out and they are likely trying to tie up all of their loose ends for the new year. 

2. The Desire Map Planner

This is my 2017 planner and I'm obsessed! It offers a great place for you to check in with yourself each day and how you want to feel. It also offers places for you to check in weekly and monthly! Give your friends/family the daily gift of remembering to take care of themselves first and then they can fully pour into their business and their family! 

3. Business Bliss E-Course

The Business Bliss course is designed to help you create a schedule that truly works with your life. It's perfect for parentpreneurs because they often have the most difficult case for tricky schedules. The course is a 5-week self-paced course that will truly benefit them for the rest of their life. 

4. Winter Cold Box from J.Isabel Designs

I promise you that if your friend has young children that they are getting sick way more than they're used to. Their sweet little one is going to school and coming home with weird stuff. Give them the gift of comfort during what can be a really tricky season for parents who are trying to push through their goals even though they can't stop getting sick. 

5. Dubsado

Productivity is about more than how much you can produce. It's about having more time to spend with the ones you love. Share the gift of streamlined systems and more time with their littles through a subscription with Dubsado. 

P.s. You can use the coupon code: sarajane & save 20% off of your first month! 

6. Laptop Sleeve

One fun thing that changes when you become a parent is that you have to carry around stuff for both you and the children. Bags upon bags upon bags of things. Gift your friend or loved one this beautiful laptop sleeve so that they can put their laptop in any bag without worrying about it getting hurt! 

I hope you found something helpful and don't forget to check back tomorrow for my LAST entrepreneur gift guide for 2016! 

all the love,