Gift Guide: For the Business Owner that Wants More Organization!

Alright! So, I am rounding out this season of gift guides with one final list for that self-employed friend or loved one that's looking for a bit of organization in their life. Which, to be quite honest we could all use a little more organization in our life! I've got a really good list for you today, so give it a look over and let me know if you end up gifting one of these items so I can give you a big ole' pat on the back! 

1. The Desire Map Planner

This is the closest that a planner has ever come to being the one of my dreams. I'm just going to list out the features that I love here for you: 
- spacious monthly calendar with plenty of room for writing tasks in the day boxes. 
- Monthly check-ins with how you want to feel, major goals for the year and for the month. 
- Space for a monthly to-do list. 
-Each day has space for your schedule, how you want to feel, the top 3 things you HAVE to accomplish that day, a small to-do list, gratitude, and something you should stop doing! 
- The language is sincere and heartfelt and pulls you back toward a heart centered point of focus. 

I have the daily planner and I truly do think it's close to perfection! It also matches up with a lot of the tools that I teach in my workshops or coaching sessions. 

2. The Huge Celebration Box from J.Isabel Designs.  

Making the decision to get serious about organizing your business is seriously something to celebrate! It's likely about to be the jumping off point for your friend or loved one. If they are investing their time and attention into getting things together for their business, well, they are about to be see more success then they've experienced before. Go ahead, celebrate with them now! They deserve it! 

3. The Partnership Program.

For that friend or loved one who is ready to get organized, The Partnership Program will be a remarkable fit! They'll be able to work with me monthly to analyze what systems aren't working and how they can be adjusted. To top it off it will be custom to them and their personality/life habits. It's not about cut and dry systems that work for some people but flop miserably for others. The Partnership Program will be about getting to the root of why they aren't working and creating systems that support their success! 

4. Dubsad

Have you all figured out that I'm obsessed with these guys yet? It's honestly the thing that saves me more time and keeps me more on top of my systems than anything else that I do. It helps me to streamline my workflow, automate time consuming systems, invoice clients, send contracts & questionnaires simply and easily and I know that I'm not even using it to its fully capacity yet.

If your friend or loved one is looking for more organization, Dubsado would be an amazing gift to give them. 

If you'd like, you can use the coupon code: sarajane to receive 20% off of your first month! 

5. Co-Working Space at Asheville Folk

So, this may only apply to people local to the Asheville area. However, give them the gift of a three month membership at Asheville Folk or a co-working space in their area! Having a place to go work is one of the quickest ways to enhance productivity for those who are self-employed! Plus, they'll get to meet some of the loveliest entrepreneurs in their area! 


6. Super Stacked Desk Organizer from Poppin. 

Poppin is a killer website for gifting office supplies because they offer most things in a wide range of colors but, their designs are relatively simple so they appeal to all kinds of people. I love the super stacked desk organizer because there's room for incoming - outgoing, paper clips, thumbtacks and pens without taking up your entire desktop or a whole drawer! It's kind of an organizational nerds dream. 

7. Quickbooks Online

I can't tell you how often I meet with a business owner and they tell me they know they need to get the business ends of things in order, but,  they are overwhelmed. It's one of the most resisted areas of self-employment by far. Quickbooks can feel daunting because it seems expensive and hard to tackle. But, the truth is that it's not that pricey to get started online and it's a lot simpler than they think. It's really just taking that first step that's hard. Gift them the freedom of having that first step out of the way! 

8. Tyler McCall's Coaching Program. 

If your friend wants better organization in the land of social media, if they feel overwhelmed by where to start, hook them up with a sit down with Tyler! He will not only teach them strategy for turning their followers into customers, but, he will also teach them how to make it all work with their schedule! More organized social media means more free time for things happening in real life! 

9. Idea Journal from 7 Ton Co.  

One of the biggest tips I give to creative entrepreneurs who are ready to get organized is to keep an idea journal. Here's the thing, if your friend has a highly creative and proactive mind, they are likely to be swimming in brilliant ideas that may keep them from moving forward in a focused direction. Keeping an idea journal is a great way to hold onto those ideas without getting distracted from their current goal. 7 Ton makes absolutely stunning journals that are beautiful and well-made enough to be heirlooms!

10. The Weekly Kickstart from InkWell Press.

This is perfect for that friend who wants to ease organization into their life but, really will not carry a day planner around with them. It has space for their larger to-do list, then room for prioritizing tasks and keeping up with their schedule. It's a solid gateway into the full on world of organizational bliss. 

all the love,