How to Kick Ass at New Years Resolutions!

I know that there's a lot of stigma around 2016. Y'all people hated this past year. But, if I'm being honest with you, it was a really really good year for me. I've done so much subtle work and made so many life altering decisions. I started two businesses and got engaged in Iceland. I learned to let go of control more often. I learned that stillness opens me up to my best work and self. I started to love money and worked through the belief that money is evil. I've become more kind to myself, more honest about what I want and a lot less attached to the outcome of things. It's been good! 

With that in mind, I wanted to share with you my process of evaluating each year and setting intentions for moving forward. I'm a super nerd and I put aside a LARGE chunk of time for this process each year. Maybe you find that you just take a few bits of this process away with you and that's totally fine too! But, here we go! 

1. I separate myself from the ordinary. 

I find it incredibly helpful to have a change of scenery. It opens me up to new ideas and possibilities and prevents me from running into people that I know. I always try to get out of town, that's usually Greenville, SC for me or sometimes Knoxville. Both of those are less than 2-hours away and easily done in a day. If you don't want to travel, maybe you sit down at a cafe' that you don't normally go to or somewhere else that would be inspiring for you. 

2. I look deeply at my quadrants. 

If you've done work with me in the past, then you probably know what I mean when I say 'quadrants' if you haven't then what I'm talking about are the four major areas of your life that need attention, in the work that I do that includes: relationships, work, self and health. I ask myself what worked, what didn't and what's next. 

For my upcoming Business Bliss Course I've created a worksheet specifically for this process. But, you can totally do this on your own too! 

3. I set my plans for the year at this point. 

What do I want to accomplish? How much  money do I want to make? What would feel fun for me to do this year? What do each of those quadrants need to move forward? 

4. I determine how I want to feel. 

This is a new one that I added on this year. After finishing Danielle Laporte's Desire Map last year, I have completely re-framed the way I approach goal setting. Determining the feelings that I desire is the perfect way to evaluate if I'm actually setting the right goals for me. So, I determine how I want to feel this year and then I check back in with those goals that I set and I see if they will really make me feel that way. If they won't make me feel that way I replace them with a goal that will, if they will, then awesome, we're on the right track! 

5. I ask myself, what do I need to do to meet those goals that I've set for myself.

Here's the thing, we set the goals and then we don't ever really ask what needs to happen before that goal can even be met. If I want to feel abundant and I want to leave the country twice this year, then I'm going to have to start prioritizing my savings account. If I want to feel free and I want to make $100,000 this year then I'm going to have to prioritize passive income. Does that make sense? 

6. Then, I chart a plan for the next 6-months. 

What part of those goals do I think can be accomplished in 6-months? How can I break that down into smaller pieces and schedule that in throughout that time? What's my first step? 

7. I celebrate. 

Shower yourself with gratitude for the year ahead. Celebrate that you are going to have another great year! Toast someone, toast yourself, sit quietly with a cup of herbal tea. Whatever feels the most celebratory to you. But, acknowledge that you will have a great year this year and go ahead and toss out a few thank you's to yourself, to your community and to the universe. 

If this work sounds great to you but, you just aren't quite sure how to implement it or where it will fit into your already crammed schedule. Then, the Business Bliss Course is probably a great fit for you. Join me and revolutionize the way you approach work. You deserve the right to chase your dreams and still enjoy your life. Read more about Business Bliss HERE.