3 Mistakes I made in my first 5 Years of Business.

My first 5 years in business weren't easy. I would stay awake at night worried and over-burdened. I didn't know how to turn off my phone and everything felt like it could come crashing down at any moment. At that time I really truly believed that business was just hard. That I'd signed up for a life full of extra burdens and impossible expectations. I released any hope of a normal life and decided that I would find a way to make it work with the impossible weight of carrying a business on my shoulders. 

It took working for someone else to realize that wherever I go, there I am. My work habits followed me into whatever position I took and every business that I owned, so, the only thing left to do was see what I could be doing differently. 

Through that process I came to understand 3 major mistakes that I was making on a regular basis in my business. 

1. Over-promising! 

I wanted everyone to be happy whenever we were talking to one another. So, I'd find myself making promises without even thinking through what I'd agreed to do. That would lead me to being over booked, unable to deliver and in some cases made me seem straight up flakey. It took me years to realize how important it is to pause and assess before making agreements to do anything out of the ordinary scope of my work. 

2. Putting too much pressure on EVERYTHING. 

In the early years of my business, everything felt IMPORTANT. Like, life or death important. "I have to get this newsletter out or my business will fall apart!" may have been an actual sentence that came out of my mouth. Yes, business is different than an ordinary job because every decision does have a consequence and we want all of our decisions to lead to more profit. However, treating a late blog post like you've just pulled your own life support isn't helping anybody! 

3. Focusing on my 10 year goals.

In my first few years of business I dreamed and I dreamed BIG... for someone else. I had grand plans for who I would be in 10 years and not a lot of plans for who I was right then. I spent all of my time day dreaming about who I would be "one day" and not enough time figuring out who I needed to be in that moment to make "one day" a reality. The truth is that we change, our dreams change and what we want out of a successful life, it changes too. All that you can control is where you put your energy RIGHT NOW. I am no longer focused on "one day" now, I make sure that I'm enjoying every single day just as it is. "One day" for me, IS today.