An unsuspecting cause of burnout.

We all know burnout. We know the pains of overworking of feeling stretched too thin. We know the struggle of trying to do everything perfectly and make everyone happy and feeling like we always fall short. 

But, what about those times where we aren't necessarily working too much and the demands on us aren't actually that intense yet, we have a hard time waking up and making it all happen each day. 

Slowly the fire in us begins to fade and every step taken in our work feels like we are walking through a thigh-high mud puddle in a pair of galoshes. 

There's nothing to be taken away. There's no one to please. No new boundaries to set. 


Here we are, tired and overwhelmed and detached. 

We get a project rolling and then we do our best to maintain. We have good days and we have bad days and all the while we are maintaining. 

Shouldn't we be happy? Shouldn't we be content? 

The thing that most of us forget is that when you are living an intentional life and running a creative business, there is a key element that we need to keep tending to. It's the element that makes us our million dollar ideas, that gets us out of bed each day engaged and alive and participating, it's the element that makes all of the hard work feel like child's play and a no brainer. It's kind of a big deal. 

That key element that often gets overlooked is INSPIRATION.

You see, we tend to only seek inspiration when we are starting something new. When we are engaged in the process of creating. Then we toss it to the side until we think we need it again. 

This is what causes us to think that we need to constantly start new projects and blossom new ideas because, inspiration feels GOOD. It's sexy, it's inviting and it'll get you high. Some of us we chase that high by constantly pursuing new ideas and allowing inspiration to flow. 

But, the secret is that inspiration is needed even more to maintain. 

So you've got a good thing going. You have a business or a project that is stable and sustainable. But, you're depleted and drained and tired. 


Take a class on basket weaving, get some coaching, go to the art museum, create shorter workdays for yourself, take a road trip, dip your toes in some water, whatever you need to feel ALIVE again. Give that to yourself. 

You will be surprised by how much pouring into your inspiration tank will feed the status quo of your existence. 

What can you do today to feed your inspiration?

Your business and your life will thank you for it!

Quarterly Evaluations and Why I Love Them.

Quarterly Evaluations and Why I Love Them.

I'm a big fan of change. I love mixing it up, keeping myself on my toes and not forcing myself to be the same all of the time. It's the key to my personal satisfaction. However, there are a few pieces of my business model that truly keep this vehicle of a business moving forward in a positive direction. Things that help me to get clear on what I want and where I'm going. They are my life blood and they aren't going anywhere.

One of those items is my quarterly evaluations. 

I do this every, you guessed it... quarter. I also do this with my clients on a regular basis. It helps me to vision and dream about the future of my business in an intentional and manageable way. 

This week I decided that I couldn't go another week without sharing that process with you. I guess I could have kept it under wraps until you hired me and I walked  you through the process, but, well, I don't want to. 

Below, I will walk you through every step of this process and then at the very bottom you can click through and download a checklist for you to do this on your own! I recommend saving it to your desktop or in a folder to remind yourself that you want to touch in with it at the beginning of June! 

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Alignment then Action.

Alignment then Action.

Let me tell you a little story about a girl who grew up believing that one day she would do more than what was expected of her. She put all of her energy and focus on one day making a million dollars so she could buy her hard working mother a home and give her the gift of early retirement. She took the weight of her families problems onto her shoulders at a young age. Believing that it all relied on her ability to be different, to chart a new course for everyone. 

All of her energy went into being everything. 

Everything that was needed to be the perfect daughter, the perfect student, the perfect athlete, the perfect church goer, the perfect member of every club at school, the perfect employee at the local movie theater and the perfect friend. 

Until one day she woke up and just couldn't do it anymore. 

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