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What is Business Bliss?

Business Bliss is a 5 month group coaching program designed to eliminate burnout from your business trajectory. Whether you have experienced burnout before, are experiencing it right now or would like to prevent burnout in the future - this program is designed to help you maintain momentum without sacrificing your life. 


How does it work?

Each week for the next 5 months you will receive a new audio lesson in your email. The lessons are built as building blocks to your dream way of doing business. We will cover productivity, systemizing, healthy boundaries, business communication, when to raise your praises, when to let a project go, when and what to outsource, making progress on long-term goals and more! Beyond that you will have full email access to Sarajane, monthly resource libraries, exclusive member bonuses and perks, monthly hot seat calls, monthly masterclasses with other business experts, a monthly workbook and journaling prompts to help you with each week's lesson. 

Should you participate in Business Bliss?

  • This is the program for you if you want to build a business that allows for a rich and fulfilling personal life.
  • If you want to make money off of your favorite hobby without losing the passion you once held for it.
  • If you are self-employed and still dreading Monday morning or working 80 hour weeks.
  • If you can't step away from the email or create healthy boundaries with clients and potential clients without fear that everything will fall apart. 

If you resonate with even one of those statements, I know that Business Bliss will change your life. 

Burnout isn't something that happens to us over night. We reach burnout one day at a time. We make choices every single day that will either fill us up or deplete us. Business Bliss will guide you through building a schedule that supports you, becoming more productive, how to recognize when you are being ineffective while giving you permission and practical tools to move through each business barrier that in a positive and effective way. 

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The in-depth curriculum of Business Bliss will help you manage and eliminate the constant stress of being a business owner. Enter into healthier relationships with clients and employees, charge what you're worth, make progress on your big dreams, and work less hours! 

No need to make the investment blind, peek into the Business Bliss curriculum below. 

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What's Included? 

  • Weekly audio lessons sent right to your inbox & housed on our private website.

  • A monthly workbook with lessons and worksheets. 

  • Journaling prompts to support the mindset work you'll be doing. 

  • Full access to Sarajane via email. 

  • Monthly LIVE hot seat calls with Sarajane.

  • Monthly masterclass recordings from other incredible teachers. 

  • Exclusive discounts and bonuses from other businesses. 

  • You'll be paired up with a support buddy throughout the program. 

  • A private members site to house all of our content as it goes LIVE.


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How long will we have access to you & the materials?

Your email access to Sarajane will last for the full 5-months that you are in the program. However, you will have access to the curriculum for life! 

Is this for me even if I'm just starting my business? 

Yes! It's never too soon to begin creating healthy business habits! 


Business Bliss Includes: 

  • 5 months of custom curriculum ( $800 value ) 
  • Email access to Sarajane for 5-months ($500 value)
  • Monthly workbooks with worksheets and curriculum  ( $450 value)
  • Monthly LIVE hot seat calls with Sarajane ( $1750 value)
  • Monthly masterclass recordings ($1000 value )
  • Private members only website with access to exclusive bonuses
  • Total value: $4500

Monthly Investment: $197
Pay Upfront: $897 ($179/month)

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