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My core belief in goal-building is that the magic happens when we operate from a place of being both inspired and effective. 

Rather than counting the hours that you put in or keeping track of how exhausted you are as some kind of proof that you are doing something worthwhile, I live with the belief that taking time to gain inspiration and then implementing those ideas in a measured and effective way will allow you the ability to create things that bring both you and your audience to life without draining you of your energy and excitement! 

I've taught a lot on being effective. I've done a lot of work around productivity and systems, so, I'd say it's about time we get down to the inspiration! Not only is seeking inspiration just a whole lot of fun, it's also the key to making all of that work you're doing feel a lot easier. If you start working from an inspired place, you will most certainly find yourself flowing rather than forcing and that is the key to a work life and goal centered existence that doesn't suck the life out of you! 

This is your official invitation to join me for this FREE 5-day sensory adventure where we dive into putting yourself in the path to being inspired! Everyday for 5 days I will connect you to a different way of seeking inspiration, we will address common pitfalls that prevent you from getting inspired and we will quite simply have a blast!