Introducing: Journey Books

A monthly day planner and journal subscription service designed to dramatically improve your life in
12-months.  Each month is dedicated to a different area of your life, giving you the time and attention to focus on just one area of improvement at a time! The book will guide you through a month of vision and goal setting, a month of financial health, a month of confidence building, etc. And, to top it off, it's just a damn good day planner!

Designing the planner as a monthly subscription has allowed me the flexibility to create it exactly as I would hope it would be. There's a lot of blank pages, a lot of prompts, and tons of flexibility in the way that you can use it. 

Every person subscribed to the books will also have exclusive access to a private website with videos explaining how I suggest utilizing the books and I will regularly share examples from people who are using the books in new and creative ways as well! 




Every daily page is designed with a full guided section on the right and a blank page on the left featuring a suggested prompt. There are sections for tracking, for reflection, for your schedule, for that day's to-do list and a place to keep up with what you're grateful for. 


Each month is complete with daily journaling prompts, monthly intention setting sections, monthly to-do lists, weekly to-do lists and 4 tips/tricks/tasks that will aid in your pursuit of that month's focus. There's also space for you to keep your 'happy list' for reference, financial goals and more!

You may notice that the pages are relatively simple, the goal for this being that you have the creative freedom to use your books in ways that work for YOU and to decorate them as part of your daily meditative practice. 

I've found nothing to be more frustrating than finding a day planner that is over designed and over complicated. I have craved simplicity and flexibility in my planners and so that is what I'm bringing to you! 


Each month's book will contain both that month's calendar and the following month's calendar. There is space for you to write down important dates that are coming up later in the year, and a place for financial notes and goals. 

I designed this planner to be versatile, to be prompted and guided enough to create the experience that I believe will impact your life, but, flexible enough to fit in with the way you'd prefer to use your planner on a daily basis. 

I know how frustrating it is to not have the space to make my planner my own, I am hopeful that this planner will grow with you as you develop throughout the year!