Your Driving Force


At the core of my work is the belief that we all have something specific that drives us forward. Something that shows up no matter what role we are playing. Something that has lingered with us for a long time and will likely be here no matter our circumstances. It’s the key to your motivation and what keeps you moving forward, it serves as the bright light for any kind of work you do and it is completely unique to you.

My driving force is to “connect people to themselves.” Other driving forces I have encountered have been, “to make things beautiful,” “to connect people to each other,” “to delight in movement,” and even “to experience the full range of flavors.”

Before I begin breaking down how to figure out your driving force, I want to address what a driving force is NOT.

  • It’s not a skill you possess.
  • It’s not representative of your background.
  • It’s not your job.
  • It’s not a task that you do at your job.
  • It’s not even what makes you happy in the moment.

Your driving force is the common theme of motivation as it has coursed through your life.

Knowing your driving force is key to happiness in your work life. If you have a true understanding of your deepest motivation, you can begin to use this as a tool. Use your driving force by:

  1. Bringing it in when you find yourself stressed, tired or overwhelmed. Check in with your driving force, have you been able to pull it into the work you are doing in a while? How can you pull it in more?

  2. Use it to help you refine your vision. When you are making plans for your life or your business, always ask if what you are doing will point back to that driving force. This will help you to know which pieces of the puzzle to keep and which to let go. It will also ensure that you don’t create a business that you end up hating.

  3. Use this as another way of knowing when to turn down opportunities. If you have a full plate and a tendency to say ‘yes.’ it can be really tricky to determine which opportunities aren’t for you. Evaluate each opportunity in relation to your driving force. Will this point back to my ultimate motivation or will it take time away from that?

    How do you determine your driving force?

1. Look Back at Past Work.

Take a look back at all of the positions you’ve held in your lifetime, ask yourself what you brought into the job that wasn’t necessarily required of you. What did you do that made your day a bit brighter?

2. What Do you Fight for Regularly?

What are the things you find yourself trying to create more of? What topic will cause you to create push back to see it come to fruition? What really fires you up?

3. What do you frequently apologize for talking too much about?

You know the topics, the ones that you could spend hours discussing. The ones that open a floodgate in you and you don’t even realize how much time as gone by but knew thoughts and expressions keep coming to you, because you spend so much time thinking about it.


  1. Determine your driving force.

Touch base with the questions in this lesson, spend a few moments writing or talking out loud to yourself (no judgement) and figure out what your deep motivation may be.

  1. Evaluate your workload.

Check in with the work that you are doing. Do the majority or any of your pieces link back to your driving force? How can you get as close as possible to the most pure form of that driving force?