Quitting is Not a Bad Word


One of the biggest questions I receive when it’s getting close to quitting time is, “How do I know I should quit and not just push through the hard times?” It can feel incredibly scary to move on from just about anything. I get it. But, I also know how rewarding it is to do so. to set yourself free to let more of the good into your life. Below are my tried and true ways to know when it's time to quit! 

  1. Are you continuously stalling on this project or task?
    As mentioned in the stalling lessons, if you find yourself regularly and frequently stalling on the same projects or tasks and you can’t do a re-work to make those things work better for you, then it’s probably time to give them up.

  2. Ask the key question.
    Are you moving toward something or away from something. If you are moving in a positive direction then awesome! If you are simply trying to flee something because it’s gotten harder than you anticipated, then maybe there’s some more evaluating to do.

  3. Are you regularly forcing this thing through?
    Is this something that you find yourself forcing through saying, “I should…” or “I have to…” in relation to it?

  4. Is it a hell yes?
    Is the desired result from these efforts a hell yes? If not, then guess what? It’s a no.

  5. It’s not gaining traction with your audience.
    The key to this piece is that you’ve questioned if you’ve given it a fighting chance. Have you promoted it the right amount of times in the right way to the right audience? Have you asked for feedback on your marketing materials and made edits to the program that suited your audience’s needs? If you’ve done everything you could to make it sellable and your audience isn’t picking up on it. It just may not be time for that right now.

The thing with quitting is that it's not so much about if you should quit or not, but, more so about how you go about quitting. Few problems occur when the quitting is done gracefully. So, below you will find my secrets for making a graceful exit! 


If this is a task that has to be done in your business but you are finished doing it, then I suggest outsourcing to a virtual assistant or another professional that can take that load on for you.

Tell your story.

If it’s something that affects your clients or an employer, it’s always better to be upfront and honest about your motivations. Explain how it will be better for you and for them in the long run too!

Do it Quietly.

If at the end of the day it doesn’t have a lasting affect on anyone, then there is absolutely no need to share the decision publicly at all! Your decision to quit is yours alone. All of my favorite things I’ve let go, I’ve done quietly.

Always keep the finances clean.

Always, always, always, make sure you are leaving things clean financially. There is no quicker way to add stress to your life and to burn bridges then to do anything that could even be confused for being less than equitable. If you need to err on the side of giving too much.


  1. The Quitting Quiz

    I made a fun quiz for you, take it, it will tell you if it’s time to quit or not. (Also, sit with the answer before you make any rash moves, don’t get crazy.)

  2. Quit one thing that’s not serving you today.

    I guarantee you that there is at least one thing on your list of tasks or projects that is not working for you, that you know you should let go. Choose the easiest one to let go of and go ahead and set it free. How do you feel?