Trend Tracking


Tracking trends in your existence will help you to better create the future for yourself that you truly want to live. There really isn’t a maximum amount of  information that you can gather from the past, but, below you will find my top recommendations for things to take note of:

When in your life were you the happiest? What are the times where you can remember feeling the most light and smile-y?

When have you created work that you are particularly proud of, that you felt was truly inspired? When in your life did it feel easy and natural to create things?

When in life have you been the most stressed, the most overwhelmed?

Breaking Points
Are there times in your past that you’ve reach the brink of burnout? Where you began hating something you once felt passionate about? Where you just quit and ran away?

When in your life have you felt at ease, peaceful, contemplative, comfortable and content?

Have you had seasons of deep sadness? A loss of motivation or energy? A deepening into the depths of your negative emotions?

With that information, I want you to take note of the trends that you see. What do all of the happy times have in common? Was your schedule flexible? Were you with people that inspired you? When you were highly creative did you find that it happened when you had plenty of time to be bored, when there wasn’t access to TV or internet? Take note of the trends.

Then, use that information to inform your plans for the future. If you notice that all of your happiest times involve an open schedule but, you have appointments several times a day everyday, then you are effectively guaranteeing a lack of happiness for yourself. Take note of the trends and then put those puzzle pieces together to guarantee the best case scenario for your future.


1. Track your Trends

Look back at your life using the guiding feelings above. Take note of the times in your life that you've felt the happiest, most stressed, etc. and see what common denominators existed there. 

2. Make adjustments.

Once you have your trends recognized choose 1-2 areas of your life that could be adjusted to offer you the most relief. These are likely going to be BIG moves. Scary ones, but, it’s worth it!