Creating Space for Productivity


Before we even go into the specific tools & processes that you should use to become more productive, we have to make sure your life has space for that. Below are a few of the ways that you can create more space in your life for productivity:

Eliminate distractions.

  • All of these tools will be useless if you just refresh Instagram for an hour instead of using them. So, turn on do not disturb mode, put your phone out of your line of vision and use it as a reward after you’ve accomplished a certain number of tasks or at certain time intervals.
  • Work from a location that doesn’t hold your favorite form of distraction. If you are a chit chatter then find a quiet place. If you are a tidier then you may want to clean your house before you start work or don’t work from home. Etc.
  • Keep a ‘read later’ folder in your e-mail. If you run across an interesting article during your work day, e-mail it to yourself, put it in your read later file and read it later. Don’t stop what you are doing to read the article and get caught in a swirly mess of an internet black hole.

Maintain a list system.

It doesn’t have to be my list system. Find a system that works for you. But, don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can keep track of it all in your head. You can’t. Things will get lost, you will forget something important and you will make less progress on those big dreams if you don’t have a solid method for keeping track of what needs to get done each day.

Get plenty of sleep, drink water, eat food, etc.

SO SO often I talk with business owners about how they are struggling with productivity and schedules and having enough energy to show up for work everyday only to find out that their basic needs aren’t even being met. They aren't sleeping enough, drinking enough water, eating food… You have got to take care of yourself as a living breathing human before you can even think about a business. It will affect you negatively to neglect your basic needs. This has to be a non-negotiable with yourself. Your basic needs come first. Always. 

Take real breaks.

Give yourself regular breaks throughout the day. You will show up for each interval of your work day more energized and focused then you were before. If you don’t take a step back for a few minutes you are likely to zone out on the work and get lost in your stalling tactics. Take a five minute walk, grab a cup of coffee, stand up and shake it out and take a real life lunch break with a change of seat. No more scarfing down a salad while you are hovered over your computer. You deserve a lunch break and your productivity depends on one!


  • Get 8 hours of sleep, take a real lunch break and turn off your phone for your next full workday! See how it feels!

  • Create a list system that works for you and begin implementing it into your work life. I obviously, recommend using the month, week, day system laid out earlier in the course, however, there are a few other methods we will go over as this module progresses. You may find something that sits well with you.