Lesson One

Before we even go into the specific tools & processes that you should use to become more productive, we have to make sure your life has space for that. In this lesson we will go over a few of the ways that you can create more space in your life for productivity:

Lesson Two

This lesson will walk you through the 6 major shifts that will need to happen in your business to optimize your time!


Lesson Three

This particular lesson is focused on day to day productivity. Ways to knock out your projects in less time. These tools are intended to save you time in your work life so that you can enjoy more time in the other areas of your existence. They are not intended to create more time so that you can do more work. Use them responsibly!

Lesson Four

This lesson is all about productivity in terms of your big goals! I will be sharing a few of my favorite tools for following through with the intentions you set for yourself long-term.