Lesson One

At the core of my work is the belief that we all have something specific that drives us forward. Something that shows up no matter what role we are playing. Something that has lingered with us for a long time and will likely be here no matter our circumstances. It’s the key to your motivation and what keeps you moving forward, it serves as the bright light for any kind of work you do and it is completely unique to you. In this lesson you will learn how to harness that driving force and make it work for you in your business!

Lesson Two

Tracking trends in your existence will help you to better create the future for yourself that you truly want to live. In this lesson you will learn the themes I recommend that you track, how to track them and what to do with that information. 


Lesson Three

One of the biggest questions I receive when it’s getting close to quitting time is, “How do I know I should quit and not just push through the hard times?” It can feel incredibly scary to move on from just about anything. I get it. But, I also know how rewarding it is to do so. to set yourself free to let more of the good into your life. In this lesson you will find my tried and true ways to know when it's time to quit! 

Lesson Four

In this lesson learn the importance of maintaining healthy routines. We will discuss how to develop those routines, what to include and a few tricks for maintaining.