Lesson One

Welcome to Business Bliss! In this lesson we will set the tone for the work we are going to do together over the next 5-weeks. We will discuss common reasons individuals overwork and why understanding that is important to moving forward in a different direction. We will discuss healthy goal creation and tracking your time. This lesson sets the tone for how to develop healthy work habits as a foundation for overall success.

Lesson Two

In this lesson we will discuss the origin of the 9-5 work schedule and do some work around releasing those expectations of ourselves. We will talk about how to approach work in a way that enhances our creativity and productivity simultaneously. We will adjust our relationship to work life balance with a new approach focused on seeing our existence as one life that is all intertwined. You will move forward from this lesson with revised intentions that focus on the four major aspects of your life. 


Lesson Three

In this lesson we will discuss embracing reality as your friend. I will challenge you to assess your existence honestly and teach you healthy tools for moving forward when your reality doesn't quite match up to your expectations. Also in this lesson we will discuss how to lay out your vision for a truly successful life and how to manage our largest dreams with our current reality. 

Lesson Four

In this lesson we will be focusing on creating a proactive work environment instead of a reactive one.  This will lead to less stress, less procrastination and higher customer satisfaction. I will teach you the major changes to make to ensure that your work life is proactive and not reactive.