Girl, you work hard! 
You are brilliant at what you do, you know how to get a pat on the back and a job well done. You always pull through even if it's last minute.

Your business is working.
It's just not working in a way that always feels good to you
or to your clients.

You know what it feels like to work 7 days a week, you know the shame cycle that is taking a vacation, you know you're good at your job, but damnit if imposter syndrome doesn't get you sometimes, very few people in your life seem to truly understand the unique stress that is being an entrepreneur, and to top it off you have bigger dreams that you don't feel like you have time or energy to pursue. 

What do you say we get this figured out?
'Cause girl, you are in the right place and you are totally not alone. 

I work with bomb ass women just like you on:

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When working with me you can expect a whole lot of gentle honesty, a bit of irreverence, a casual relationship where you feel understood, heard and encouraged. I will cuss in our sessions, but, usually out of joy. I will hold you accountable with a deep well of grace for the fact that we are all human. I will share my own hiccups along the way and how I managed to work through them. I will absolutely positively insist that you acknowledge your own brilliance by not settling for a life that's anything but inspiring. 

If this sounds like what you're looking for, then hooray!
Let's talk.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is coming in April of 2017! 

Workshops + Speaking Engagements

1 on 1 Coaching

"Sarajane is a dynamite communicator and a wonderful creative voice in her community. I thoroughly cherished my time in the Goal Setting workshop she offered here in Asheville recently. I have implemented many of the tools she introduced in her workshop, and because of her great advice and planning strategies, I am seeing positive results and growth in my personal and career endeavors. Sarajane shines with confidence, clearly knows her game, and has a joyful, approachable personality to match! Highly recommend attending any of her workshops, speaking engagements, and community events."

Oh yeah and BTW, I've designed my dream to-do list and I'm giving it to you for FREE! It's the list I've always hoped for. It puts your needs at the top and is set up in a way to help you be more productive while not losing sight of how you want to feel that day.