INFUSE JOY: A Podcast with Sarajane Case

Episode Twenty: The Value of Vision.

Welcome to episode 20 of the infuse joy podcast. I am your host, Sarajane Case writer, coach, speaker and brand new podcaster. In today’s episode I am sharing with you the value of vision! As I’ve been creating and promoting January’s Journey Book, it’s been really obvious to me that I need to be talking more and more about vision and goal-setting and how do it in ways that serve you. 



When I say vision I’m talking about knowing where you want to go so that you can more easily create a path to getting there. So often we set goals without checking in and creating a thorough vision. 

The danger in this is that we have so much noise in the world. So many voices telling us who we should be, where we should go next and what they think is right for us. It can be so easy to go years without truly knowing why you made the choices that you’ve made. Without having a clear filter for what to say ‘no’ to and simply taking every opportunity that comes your way simply because you were presented with it. 

In work that looks like 10 years in a career that sucks the life out of you. 

In love that looks like being 3 years into marriage before you wake up and realize you didn’t even mean to do that. That you’re actually with someone who is not compatible with you at all. 

In finances that looks like having 20k in savings but, never leaving the country OR having a bunch of stamps in your passport without any security. 

Set your vision and allow that to guide your decisions. That way when a job opportunity comes your way - you know what you want and what you don’t want. Know what you’re looking for in a partner so you can more easily recognize those characteristics in a potential mate. Allow yourself to get clear on what you value so that you can prioritize your finances to support that. 

It’s so easy to create a life by accident. To wake up 5 - 10 -20 years down the road and realize that you’re living someone else’s dream. A kind of patchwork mash-up of everyone else’s hopes for who you’d be. 

I want to encourage you to embrace choice. Know that you have the right to choose, that you can create a life by your own design and it all starts with allowing yourself to get clear on what that even looks like. 

The next thing I want to express about vision is that I don’t want you writing one for 10 years from now. 

I want to push you to write your vision for 6-months from right now. 

I know that sounds crazy and like I’m not telling you to dream big enough. But, the reason I teach 6-months is simple. That’s what you have a direct effect on right now. That’s what you can realistically prepare for. 

You can daydream about 10 years down the road, but, what I find that does is it serves as a really great procrastination tool. It allows you to not work on your dreams and hope that they will one day come true by some kind of osmosis. 

The hard truth is that dreams don’t drop out of the sky and land in your lap. You’re not going to be walking in the grocery store one day and have someone walk up to you and say, “You! You should publish a book!” 

Dreams are built by small  - incremental steps built toward the larger dream. And you really should start now. 

Beyond that - you aren’t going to be the same person in 10 years that you are today. Think about who you were 10 years ago. What did you dream of? What was your ideal life? 

I can tell you that I was planning to be a world famous wedding photographer 10 years ago. Now, the thought of shooting one more wedding makes me want to pluck my eyes out. Not because I didnt love it then, but, because I wouldn’t love it now. I have changed. I can say that in 10 years I want to publish a book, but, the truth is that that’s what me now wants, so why not let my current self work toward that instead of ignoring her and hoping that future me will get it together. When future me may have an entirely different dream. 

So, who do you want to be in 6-months? What do you want your life to look like? How do you want to feel? Get clear on it so that you can really begin making moves in the right direction. 

For those of you who want a little more support in this process, I’ve created a completely free guided visualization meditation. It’s 10 minutes and will take you through the practice of eliminating expectation and allowing yourself to be get clear on what your really want. You can download that at

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Thank you all so much for being here and I will see you next week!