INFUSE JOY: A Podcast with Sarajane Case

Episode Thirty: 5 Changes to Make Now if You Want to Prevent Burnout

I know you’ve done it, you’ve fallen in love with something and you loved it so much that you decided you could make money off of it. You turn that hobby into a business only to find yourself feeling constant frustration and guilt. Then, this thing that once brought you so much joy is now the last thing you’d ever want to do! 

Burnout is the number one killer of our passions and we shouldn’t take that lightly. 

After all, our passions are the reason we wake up in the morning. They are often the fuel we need to get through a hard day. We should cherish them, nourish them and let them pour back into us! That’s what I want for you! 

 I’ve compiled my top 5 tips for preventing burnout in your business. Take a few moments, let ‘em sink in and see what changes you could make today.  

You are worth it and your business won't survive without it.