INFUSE JOY: A Podcast with Sarajane Case

Episode Twelve: Showing Up Honestly with Ashley Beaudin

Today we are talking with Ashley Beaudin. Ashley is a heart-encourager, speaker and movement maker to women on a mission. Ashley is passionate about helping women turn their message into movements, so that they can increase their audience and impact. She is also the visionary behind #theimperfectboss, a movement that is liberating thousands of women from perfection. In this episode we discuss her personal story out of addiction, how she shows up everyday in her business and what it means to be honest and vulnerable and how that can directly impact your business in a positive way. 



I. Meet Ashley
II. Liberating women from perfection and how that vision started. 
III. How starting a movement altered Ashley’s business. 
IV. What did you have to let go of in order to step into your new role?
V. On losing a community and moving forward. 
VI. Replacing an old experience with the courage to start a new experience. 
VII. What made trying again worth it?
VIII. The moment when she realized, “this is what I’m supposed to do.” 
IX. The end result is what is easy to sell. 
X. Greatest fear. 
XI. What does showing up mean to you?
XII. Walking the reality of an online sex addiction. 
XIII. What has been helpful in moving out of that addiction? 
XIV. Working through shame. 
XV. The greatest joy in your life right now. 
XVI. The story that you have, all of the imperfect parts, if you would give them to the world with confidence, it could change someone’s life.
XVII. Let go of everything you can so that you can own 100% of who you are. 
XVIII. How do you infuse joy into your everyday life?
XIX. How to connect with Ashley further. 
XX. Freebie! 



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