INFUSE JOY: A Podcast with Sarajane Case

Episode Thirteen: Embracing the Suck with Jaime Patterson

Welcome to episode 13 of the infuse joy podcast, I’m your host, Sarajane Case. Writer, speaker, coach and brand new podcaster. Today’s episode is a tad different. We are entering into the first episode of the women of color series. With our current political climate and the events in Charlottesville I believe it more important than ever that the voices of people of color are being heard. We will discuss all of the goal-chasing topics that you’re used to and then we will dive into a bit more specifically regarding racial justice. I am beyond humbled by these incredible women who have agreed to go on this journey with me. They are women that I already admired and now, I am even more in awe of them. Today I am talking with Jaime Patterson of Hidden Exposure Photography - Jaime is a body-positive lifestyle, family, boudoir, wedding, and portrait photographer based out of Richmond Va. She believes everyone has a unique story to tell, and wants to be on hand to hear it, capture it, and share it with the world! Jaime believes every body, every relationship, and every family deserves to be seen. 

I met Jaime years ago. Close to 6 years now we’ve been circling around each other online. We met through a photographer’s group on Facebook and our shared passion for the body positivity movement, activism and hilarious memes has kept me connected to her through the years. 

Jaime is bright and clever. She is brilliantly wise and absolutely radiant. It is such an honor that she has agreed to join me on this journey!



I. Meet Jaime
II. Representation and body positivity and how they impact your work life.
III. What is Jaime doing here on this Earth in one sentence?
IV. Love & let people know that they’re seen. 
V. Were there things you needed to let go of to be where you are now?
VI. Dealing with Self-doubt. 
VII. Being a fat person on the internet. Being a black woman on the internet.
VIII. What it means to truly be seen. 
IX. How to engage with other’s feelings about you. 
X. What is the proudest moment of your life so far?
XI. The importance of representation. 
XII. Showing both our flaws and the things we do well. 
XIII. How does being a woman of color impact the way you operate in the world?
XIV. The difference in being a true white ally and someone who is well-meaning and doing more harm than good?
XV. On the phrase “I don’t see color” 
XVI. Staying silent out of fear of making the wrong move. 
XVII. “Ally cookies”
XVIII. The concept of ‘emotional labor’
XIX. How can the creative community be more friendly to women of color?
XX. The importance reaching out and asking for different voices to join the conversation?
XXI. How do you Infuse Joy into your life on a regular basis?
XXII. The importance of routine. 
XXIII. How to stay in touch with Jaime



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