INFUSE JOY: A Podcast with Sarajane Case

Episode Sixteen: Chasing your dreams at any stage of life with Alrinthea Carter.

Welcome to episode 16 of the Infuse Joy Podcast, I’m your host, Sarajane Case. Writer, speaker, coach and brand new podcaster. Today’s episode is a tad different. We are entering into the first episode 2 of the women of color series. With our current political climate and the events in Charlottesville I believe it more important than ever that the voices of people of color are being heard. We will discuss all of the goal-chasing topics that you’re used to and then we will dive into a bit more specifically regarding racial justice. I am beyond humbled by these incredible women who have agreed to go on this journey with me. They are women that I already admired and now, I am even more in awe of them. 

Today I am talking with Alrinthea Carter. I met Alrinthea at the Queen Photographers Conference. I was there speaking about workflows and Alrinthea was attending and just blew me away with her bright shining personality. 

Alrinthea is a rural photographer based in Greenville, SC. Her artistic focus is on the abandoned buildings of the southeastern United States. Her work aims to tell the stories of the souths factories and homes left behind. Silently consumed and reclaimed by the elements to brush aside the kudzu curtain to reveal the treasure troves of machinery, classic architecture and gorgeous color. Her work has been published in the south carolina review, emory's journal, pembroke magazine, and select galleries. When not shooting old buildings she is co-executive producer and founding member of alchemy comedy theater in Greenville, SC. 

In today's episode we discuss navigating depression, living the life of your dreams regardless of what stage of life you are in and whether or not it's ok to say you have a black card. 

I find Alrinthea to be so easy talk to, down to earth and absolutely vibrant and I'm sure you will too!