INFUSE JOY: A Podcast with Sarajane Case

Episode Eighteen: Your goals - Your Timing with Nesiya Fann

Welcome to episode 18 of the infuse joy podcast, I’m your host, Sarajane Case. Writer, speaker, coach and brand new podcaster. Today’s episode is a tad different. We are entering into the third episode of the women of color series. With our current political climate I believe it is more important than ever that the voices of people of color are being heard. We will discuss all of the goal-chasing topics that you’re used to and then we will dive into a bit more specifically regarding racial justice. I am beyond humbled by these incredible women who have agreed to go on this journey with me. They are women that I already admired and now, I am even more in awe of them. Today I am talking with Nesiya Fann. 

I actually photographed Nesiya’s wedding way back in the early stages of my business and we’ve kept in touch ever since. 

Nesiya Fann is a Woman with passion to make all of her dreams come true, a wife , a Mother, someone who loves to explore life and take others on the journey with her. Under her alias ‘Bianca Fly” Nesiya hosts Beautiful Butterfly Radio Show. A podcast dedicated to the idea that we are all always blooming.  Through the show Nesiya has interviewed amazing People all over the world and doesn’t shy away from  topics that most stray away from such as divorce, domestic violence, racism , sexual orientation and more! 

 Nesiya lives by the belief that Life can be Amazing we just have to take the time to Explore it Fully!

 In today’s episode we discuss the importance of staying educated, conquering the fear of child birth and truly enjoying where you are. 

I find Nesiya to  be so kind and present and absolutely vibrant! I have loved knowing her for all of these years and couldn’t be happier to introduce you to her here. Let’s dive in!