INFUSE JOY: A Podcast with Sarajane Case

Episode Nineteen: Habits I Changed as my Business Grew

In today’s episode I am sharing with you the top habits that changed for me and my business as my business has grown! 



Habits I changed as my business grew: 

- didn’t take all coffee dates 

  • i used to fill my time with dates with people that were lovely, but, weren’t contributing to my business or paying me in any way. I’ve had to get cut throat on what I say ‘yes’ to. 
  • Now, I have ‘buy me coffee’ as one of the offerings in my online shop. 

- designated meeting times

  • when I first started coaching - for the marketing business i had with a friend.It became vibrantly obvious that there needed to be boundaries around when I took meetings. I was finding myself scrambling to get work done in the 15 minutes between meetings and then I’d totally forget to calculate travel time leaving me in a near panic to get from one meeting to another. We’d also find ourselves meeting with people until 9pm only to wake up and meet again first thing in the morning. There has to be some time to run your business. 
  • Now I take meetings on tues,wed,and thurs afternoons. I always have mondays free to work, mornings free to create and fridays free to use as my flex day.  

- email hours

  • having designated times to check in with your email solves all of the email problems.  

- no emails first thing

  • this is a relatively new development. But, our creative energy thrives first thing in the morning. I’ve been using that up on emails and then draining myself.  

- quarterly evaluations

  • ya got to check in with your business, make a plan and know where you’re going so that you can keep this truck moving forward!  

- saving money and paying myself a salary

  • this is just practical. Creating space between getting paid and paying your bills is a giant stress relief and helps you to invest back into your business. 

- turned people down who wanted to hire me. 

  • yep! Not everyone is a good fit and this only creates frustration. 

- prioritized giving value 

  • contribute to your mother fucking audience.

- shorter to-do lists

  • running to-do lists are shame machines.

- don’t take advice from people whose results you don’t want. 

  • finally, when people begin selling things to you or giving you advice you want to make sure you want their outcome. Don’t take medical advice from someone is always sick. Don’t take productivity and systems advice from someone who isn’t producing a ton of stuff. Don’t take business advice from someone whose lifestyle doesn’t appeal to you. etc. Don’t let someone build your website if you hate their website.