INFUSE JOY: A Podcast with Sarajane Case

Episode One: Introducing Infuse Joy

Hi there! Welcome to Infuse Joy! I am Sarajane Case writer, coach, speaker and brand new podcaster. I am thrilled to be here and so grateful to have you joining me on this brand new journey. 

I created this podcast out of a deep desire to help people live a life that truly inspires them. So often I see people walking through life maintaining the best they can and feeling day after day like things should feel better than this, they should be doing more, being more. They see people chasing their dreams and they feel discouraged, they think that somehow they got the short end of the stick. That their experiences and their capacity is somehow ‘less than' I wanted to create a space where I can share stories, advice, inspiration and interviews all targeted to helping people feel a whole lot better about just being human. 

You are likely to enjoy a blend of rambling, spoken word, essays and interviews with inspiring people who don’t mind telling you the truth about the times that have been hard and the times that have been great. 

You deserve to life your best possible life. 

I hope this podcast can serve as one small stepping stone on your fantastic journey! 

Thank you for being here and I’ll see you next week!