Photo by: Sadie culberson

Photo by: Sadie culberson


As a speaker, you can expect me to be down to earth, relatable and vibrantly honest. I pull the audience into the conversation and give practical tools for how to apply the concepts we discuss. Your audience will leave inspired, listened to, and with the tools they need to make running a business or chasing their goals feel a whole lot better! 

Sarajane is a dynamite communicator and a wonderful creative voice in her community. I thoroughly cherished my time in the Goal Setting workshop she offered here in Asheville recently. I have implemented many of the tools she introduced in her workshop, and because of her great advice and planning strategies, I am seeing positive results and growth in my personal and career endeavors. Sarajane shines with confidence, clearly knows her game, and has a joyful, approachable personality to match! Highly recommend attending any of her workshops, speaking engagements, and community events.
— Gabrielle

Speaking + Workshops

I remember what it feels like to sit on the bathroom floor, crying and overwhelmed because I'd built a business that sucked the life out of me. Because no one in my circle understood the pressure I'd created for myself and I felt as though admitting exhaustion meant admitting defeat. 

It is my honor to speak to entrepreneurs about the joy that could be your business. The ways that you can make adjustments to release pressure, guilt and overwhelm and to lead with inspiration and effectiveness.

I'd love to talk to you about: 

+ speaking at your next event
+ leading a workshop at your next retreat
+ hosting a workshop for your staff or mastermind group


  • Engaged Asheville - May 2017
    (Building a business that doesn't suck the life out of you.) 
  • The Queen's Photography Workshop - May 2017
    ( Using Workflows to Optimize Your Business. ) 
  • Asheville Area Arts Counsel Creative Summit - April 2017
    ( Panel Moderator ) 
  • Basecamp AVL - February 2017
    ( Building a business that doesn't suck the life out of you. )
  • Amplified Media After Hours - February 2017
    ( Building a business that doesn't suck the life out of you.) 
  • Cultivate Connection - April 2016
    ( Grateful Abundance as a tool for connection.) 
  • Stay Sacred - A 21 Day Practice - January 2017
    ( Sacred Business Practices ) 
  • Fall Break with Asheville Folk - September 2016
    ( The Heart of Goal-Setting and Follow Through )