Poor email habits can cost you clients, referrals and worst of all - peace of mind!   

What if I told you that you don't have to dread going into your inbox? You don't need to check your email over the weekend or at dinner with friends. What if I told you that email could become something that brought in new business for you?

This is your official invitation to join me for this FREE 5-day email spring cleaning adventure.  We will take your inbox from overwhelm to ease in just 5 days! I will guide you through the clean-up and we'll set up some new positive habits for moving forward! 

What you're getting: 

  • a support facebook community going through the journey with you. 
  • guided emails with step by step guides to a cleaner inbox and healthy email habits moving forward. 
  • LIVE mini workshops and q&a's every single day of the challenge. 
  • a chance to win a FREE seat in my upcoming group coaching program!