We are half way through 2017 and if that sent a little bit of urgency through your spine to get your ass in gear and do the things you'd hope you'd do this year, then you're in the right place! We both know that you had hopes for what this year would hold for you and it's not too late to see those come to fruition. 

For several years I've been teaching a workshop called "The Heart of Goal-Setting" It's curriculum typically taught in person that is designed to help you clarify your goals, set goals that are achievable, implement the supporting items you need to see them come to fruition and then we wrap it up by addressing common reasons we don't follow through.

I am THRILLED to announce that I have converted this in-person talk into a weeklong virtual workshop. This allows me to teach the content in more depth than I've ever been able to in the past and it allows me to reach more people in more locations. 



  • Your goals don't always support your greatest good and you'd like to change that.
  • You have an idea of what you'd like to accomplish this year but, you aren't making the progress you'd like to make. 
  • You find yourself quitting things or not following through with the goals you set for yourself.
  • You know you have big things to do but you keep not doing them.
  • You want help clarifying your goals and vision. 
  • You know you want something different but, not sure what that is yet.
  • You have a lot of ideas but, no plans.


Everyday for a full work week beginning July 24th you will receive an email from me with a slideshow presentation, a written description for that day's lesson as well as relevant homework assignments. By the end of the week you should have a clear understanding of what you want/need right now, how to get there and ways to make that sustainable for you. 

Sarajane has a genuine and natural inclination to help others get to the core of their dreams in a way that is both encouraging and soothing. This past January, I had the pleasure of attending her Goal Setting and Followthrough workshop. We were asked to bring a journal and pen for a very hands-on afternoon. She asked us to categorize our needs and create realistic, bite-sized tasks to move in that direction. I am overjoyed to have reached every goal I set for this year (three months early!). My deepest gratitude to Sarajane for being the best coach. - Sarah


- 5 slideshow presentations paired with audio
-access to a private Facebook group where we can discuss what we're learning. 
- One live Q&A with me at the end of the week. 
- Email access to me during the course of the workshop. 
- Topics covered: 

  • holistic goal-setting - how to set goals that serve every area of your life. 
  • how to set goals that serve your ultimate happiness. 
  • getting clear on what you really want.
  • setting goals in a way that makes them achievable. 
  • follow-through techniques and common pitfalls.

Cost: $67
Early Bird Rate: $57 (Ends on July 18th)